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Duffle Bag

Price: 10.99 USD
Ideal duffle bag for work or play. Sturdy handle, full zippered closure, waterproof lining with inside zippered pocket. Ready to be packed 21L x 10W, holds plenty and is machine washable. All items are new and wrapped when shipped. Refunds are accepted. Customer pays return shipping fee and 15% restocking fee.

It all about cheering. Fancy Navy and Silver Bow

Price: 5.99 USD
Beautiful navy and silver hair bows. Perfect for that cheer team, or when you just want her to look darling. Closeout. Limited quantities. Sold in orders of 5 at $5.99 each bow individually.

Navy Blue Bow with pony tail holder

Price: 3.99 USD
Pretty girls navy blue hair bow. Complete with ponytail holder attached. Closeout limited quantities. Sold in orders of 10. $3.99 ea.

Jump the Broom

Price: 69.00 USD
Beautiful handmade broom for the ultimate jump the broom ceremony. Available in 10 colors. When ordering specify the exact color desired. Note. Bow colors can be different from the broom handle color. These are custom designs so we do not offer refunds. List the color(s) requested in the "Comment" section when ordering (handle/bow). You may contact the seller for more details at

Lisa D's Plain Popcorn

Price: 3.00 USD

Michigan Mix

Price: 8.00 USD

Gourmet Red Velvet

Price: 8.00 USD

Gourmet White Cheddar

Price: 8.00 USD
Out of state deliveries add shipping

Premium Pecan

Price: 8.00 USD

Gourmet Popcorn- Cheesy Cheddar Jalapeno

Price: 8.00 USD

Gourmet Cheesy Cheddar

Price: 8.00 USD

Gourmet Toffee

Price: 8.00 USD
Finest Gourmet Popcorn

TRIP TRAP TRICKED vol.1-No not another one, vol. l

Price: 6.99 USD
Three corporate professionals' lives trip as they experience hurt, pain, love and joy. Guilty of stopping when they should be stepping. Continuously settling and falling deeply in to the love trap. But this time who will be left tricked, confused and longing for more.....

Trip Trap Trick vol 3. Uncentered

Price: 10.00 USD
Vol 3 of the Series. Vol 4 hits the market early August 2017!

Trip Trap Tricked vol. 4 "FORGIVEN" (Free to love

Price: 12.00 USD