Vee DeShawnna Lee.

Greetings, I am a Author and a LLMSW, who provides monthly Grief & Loss support groups sessions for anyone needing someone to talk with during their time of bereavement. As a author, my writings are what I call "airport" reads (number of pages) and through characterization engulf you in the lives of 3 individuals and the situations they find themselves in when they stray away from their true calling and do it their way. 



This website helps you find information on how to purchase my books from the Trip Trap Tricked series.  Each volume is fictious but the events could represent anyone at anytime dealing with the challenges of life. Feel free to purchase any volume you please, but I would recommend that you read vol. 1 so that you are introduced to the characters as you follow their ups, downs, hurts, struggles and victories in search of who they are and whom they belong too.  



Grief & Loss

Come learn how to manage through this most difficult time as you listen, learn techniques, or share with others. You are not alone, God's word is true and His light still shines. This too shall pass. Click on the Grief & Loss tab for information on sessions dates and times for 2019.



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Vee DeShawnna-Lee