Nov. 18, 2017

Teaching Model

Kubler-Ross 5 Stages of Grief






Did you know you can go through any stage at any time?  You can also be in one or more stages at the same time.  Although we discuss the basic stages of grief, many theorist suggest there may be even more. What my point?  You don't have to go through alone.  Come learn and discuss  the different options with others ways to help you process through each of the stages. 

Take the step necessary 

Attend one of  SIXSIGMA SOLUTIONS aka: WIDOWSWEBS Bi-Monthly seminars, even if you having individual therapy sessions at another agency. With Sixsigma Solutions, you will meet people that have been in similar situations and guess what....they survived. Each group session consist of overcomers full of knowledge and compassion wlling to discuss stratagies they used to cope durning the most difficult times.  

Those requiring more extensive services provided by license therapist, have the options of contacting licensed therapist, using the information provided at each group session. 

Sixsigma Solutions (aka: WidowsWeb) is judgement free, confidential, loving environment consisting of individuals that have experience the loss of a loved one, and understand the benefits of group support.  All individuals 18-100 years old ar welcome to attend. 

Vee Danna

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September 16, 2017 (Session held in Dearborn after C.L.A.S.S event).

November 18, 2017



Healing is just a step away……..see you at one of our sessions.